33″ Rotary Tiller, FH-TL85


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The TL85 Rotary Tiller is sized for the subcompact tractor and designed for seedbed preparation. Ideal for homeowner landscaping, small nurseries, gardens, small hobby farms, or medium-duty residential use. Chain-driven tillers have easy-to-reach tensioners for both manual and automatic adjustments. The chain tightener assembly is resistant to heat, dust, debris and moisture. This reduces maintenance and enhanced the longevity of the chain and sprockets.

Key Features:

  • Designed for 12 – 40 hp tractors
  • Tilling couldn’t be easier for the garden you have or the new ground you need to break up and plant
  • Cat I 3-Point 6-spline slip clutch driveline
  • Designed for subcompact tractors
  • Right hand offset to cover that tire track
  • Adjustable tiling depth
  • Maintenance free oil bath transmission
  • 35 hp rated gearbox
  • 1/4” double walled sides
  • 14” blade swing
  • 2 year warranty


Standard Tine RotationYes
Working Width33”
Overall Width39”
Min-Max HP12-40 hp
3 Point HitchCat I
Offsetable Distance from Center12”
Gear Box Maximum PTO HP35 hp
Number of Flanges4
Number of L shaped Tines16
Maintenance free oil bath transmissionAuto adjusting #60 chain drive
Double walled housing1/4”
Rotor swing dia14”
Adjustable tilling depth2”-6”
PTO slip clutchYes
540 rpm pto drive lineSeries 4 1-3/8” 6 spline quick connect slip clutch
Weight310 lbs
Crated weight325 lbs


Weight: The TL85 is 310 lbs. Rotary Tillers need to be heavy in order for the tines to penetrate the ground, and reduce bucking.

Working Width: The TL85 has a tilling width of 33″.

Offset: The TL85 has an offset of 12″ to the right of center. The tiller is offset from the center of the PTO so that you don’t end up with compacted tire tracks in you finished bed.

Rotation: The TL85 are forward rotation as the tires of the tractor when traveling forward. This rotation requires less horsepower to operate; allows for a smoother bed of soil behind the tiller, and allows rocks to expel without recycling them through the tiller.

HP Required at the PTO: The TL85 series has a requirement of 12 – 35 hp at the PTO.

Working Depth: Adjustable side runners to 2″ – 6″ deep. Adjustable and replaceable side runners allow for deep tilling.

Total Number of Tines: The TL85 has standard duty 19 oz tines. 16 tines. They are made of hardened tool steel. These tines are precisely spaced to maximize tilling coverage while at the same time reduce jamming caused by rocks and debris.

Blade Type: The TL series has L shaped tines.

Rotor Swing Diameter: The TL series has a 16″ diameter. Large swing diameter allows for deep digging.

Rear Deflector: Keeps dirt in and maintains a level finish. The deflector is shaped and formed for additional strength. Adjustable deflector level allows for various finish results.

Main Gearbox: ASAE 1- 3/8″ – 6 spline shaft, proven cast iron, oil bath gearbox; ratio is 1.69:1.

Gear Drive: Oil bath gear driven side gear drive mechanism; gear ratio is 1.52:1 gear drive is superior to chain drive in every way. The TL Series Standard Rotary tiller has a rated 35 HP continuous use slip clutch comprised of adapter shafts to connect between your PTO shaft and the implement and two spring compressed clutch plates. The idea is, as the name implies, that a clutch, in this case two plates compressed by a series of springs on the casing, transmits power to the implement. When there is an obstruction, the clutch slips and prevents the shock load from being transmitted to the tractor or absorbed completely by the implement.A key point in using a slip clutch is to make sure it is adjusted properly to begin with (ie it does in fact slip and you don’t have the springs set so tightly that it won’t) and also that you periodically loosen the springs to allow the clutch to slip so that the two plates don’t rust together.

Hitch Type: Standard 3-point category 1 hitch.

Parking Stand: Supports the tiller during storage to prevent it from tipping.

Finish: Baked on powder coat, powder coat is superior to paint.

Warranty: 2 year parts warranty with an optional 2 year extension.

Support Before and After the Sale: At Betstco  our service department is staffed with professional technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble free machine from the get go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse. We keep a full line of replacement parts, and we can ship parts within 24 hours.

Additional information

Working Width

37" Great for the average sized garden area

Overall Width

43" Designed for Sub Compact Tractors

Min. - Max. HP Req

14 – 40 HP Fits a large number of consumer, municipality & landscape tractors


Cat I Allowing you to utilize your Cat I toplink & lift Arm 5/8" connection

PTO Speed

540 RPM 540 RPM is standard Cat I PTO Speed

Gearbox Rating

35 HP Allows Cat-I tractors up to 50 HP to use this Mower

Heavy Duty Gearbox

Standard Strong Cast Iron gearbox with steel gears will provide years of reliable service built in overrunning feature prevents mower from pushing tractor when power is disengaged

Offsetable Distance from Center

12" Offset allows you to closer to fence lines, trees and other things you are trying to get around while tilling.

Number of Flanges

4 Helps in providing precise overlap during tilling; preventing untilled spots in the middle of your tilled sections

Number of Tines

16 Helps in providing precise overlap during tilling; preventing untilled spots in the middle of your tilled sections

Maintenance Free Oil Bath Transmission

Auto Adjusting #60 Chain Drive

Double Walled Housing

1/4" Resist; denting & wear

Double Walled Sides

1/4" Provides structural support

Forward Tine Rotation

Standard Shaft rotation is forward. Forward rotation creates well-aerated soil in areas where a garden has existed before & in uncultivated soils that are loose.

Balanced Rotor & Shaft

Standard Increases the bearing life, minimizes vibrations, audible noise, power losses and finally it results in increased quality of product

Rotor Swing Diameter


Side Skids

Standard Replaceable; protects sides of the mowers

Adjustable Rear Panel

Standard Prevents dirt from being thrown and smooths ground that has been tilled

Adjustable Tilling Depth

2" – 6" Adjusted by the side skid plates

3-Pt Connection Width

19 3/4" – 27 1/2" Allows for easy connection to your tractor's Cat I hitch

Driveline Type

Series 4 1-3/8" 6 Spline Quick Connect Slip Clutch A friction clutch that will slip with the torque is too great; when there is an obstruction the clitch slips & prevents the shock load from being transmitted to the tractor or absorbed completely by the implement

Drive Type

Auto Adjusting #80 Chain Oil Bath Chain Drive – the lowers strand of the chain runs through a sump of oil in the drive housing. The oil level should reach the pitch line of the chain at its lowest point while operating.


Easy Access/Greaseable Great for ease of maintenance and availability should you need to replace the bearings

Gearbox Lubracation/Capacity

1 Quart SAE 80W – 90 Gear Oil


The Manual

Usage Video