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Value-Leader VL-WCX5 5” Self Feeding Wood Chipper


This is a premium product that offers higher quality parts and specifications. This product is designed with performance in mind.

gravity feed

Feed is:

Gravity Pinch/Pull

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
18- 45 HP


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  • 5” Self Feeding Wood Chipper, VL-WCX5


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Who is Value-Leader?

Value-Leader Implements was started in 1995 to provide a high quality high value option to compete with USA tractor dealership branded products. The focus has always been on providing the US consumer with long lasting dependable equipment. This is more value for our customers money. 

This is done by always using high quality components and testing the components use in our implements. We also test the finished products for dependability, to make sure that they not only work but, that they last. We strive for our implement to be trouble free, when maintained, for not less than a 5 year period. 

Value-Leader was the first USA implement company to offer a two year warranty on tractor implements. 

The Value-Leader VL-WCX5 Wood Chipper is a dependable and effective machine designed for chipping branches up to 5 inches in diameter. Inspired by the Wallenstein BX42, this self-feeding (Pinch’n’pull) chipper features a heavy flywheel with air paddles and twig breakers, making it an excellent choice for tractors between 18 to 45 horsepower.

For tractors under 25 horsepower, it may be necessary to reduce the maximum diameter or length of the materials being chipped, depending on the type and quantity of material loaded into the feed chute. This ensures optimal performance and efficient chipping even for tractors with lower horsepower. Choose the Value-Leader VL-WCX5 Wood Chipper for a reliable and efficient chipping solution, compatible with a wide range of tractors.

Key Features:

  • Easy Access Clean Out and Blade Change
  • Lighter Weight for Smaller Tractors
  • Direct Drive to flywheel improves torque to flywheel when chipping larger, harder material
  • PTO Speed 540 RPM
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish
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VL-WCX5 5” Self Feeding Wood Chipper
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Kenneth Eckhardt
Sku: VL-WCX5

First off i had a problem with missing parts, discharge chute and some bolts. I discovered this on Saturday and they are not open till Monday. Called first thing Monday and to my very pleasant surprise the parts were delivered early Tuesday morning. The costumer service is EXCELENT. Now for the chipper I had a large pile of limbs from 1/2 in to 5 in. it took about 2 hrs. to get it all turned into chips. The chips are a little larger than I would have liked but acceptable. I am using a Kubota B610 24 HP. everything worked great, I didn't notice any slowing of the motor even when chipping the largest limbs. I am very happy with this product and Betstco in general.

 by Garey Prouse
Sku: VL-WCX5

I did a lot of research before buying the WCX5 made by Value-Leader from Betstco. I wanted a chipper, but for the amount of use I need it for, a bit over 2 acres of woods, I couldn't justify paying 2+ times the price that I got this for. I received it in under a week from order, a day before expected. I unloaded it with pallet forks on a John Deere 1025R. It was plenty heavy, but lifted it out of the delivery truck. The WCX5 was very well packed in an angle iron frame on a wood pallet rack. It came apart like a puzzle to get it out of the packaging and was easy to assemble in a couple of hours. I greased all the bearings. The driveshaft was about the longest you can fit on the 1025R with a quick hitch, probably could have trimmed an inch off, but decided it should work well enough and leaving the driveshaft stock. I greased the u-joints, splines, and cover zerk fittings. I did spend a little time verifying everything was tight/torqued. I did adjust the fixed blade to .031" (shim I had) from the closest rotating blade. I figured I'd start with the small branches and work my way up to see what the 1025R could handle with it's rated 18.5 pto hp. after a couple 2 to 3" branches, it was like the tractor didn't even know it was chipping. I went for the test into 4+ inch and the tractor handled everything without bogging down. I chipped hardwood to pine, dry to cut within a week ago. I chipped hardwood branches in backwards to the point where they stopped in the chute because of the 5 inch limit. I am so happy with this purchase!!! I have had it for 30 days and have used it a few times totaling a good 10 hours of heavy chipping. It has not plugged up. The "pinch and pull" feature is terrific. I drop a branch in and walk away to get the next. I've been told by others who have this "gravity feed" that the sign is when it stops pinch-pulling the branches into the chipper that is the sign to sharpen the blades. After 10 hours, the pinch-pull is still self feeding the branches quite well, as new. I am glad I didn't throw away an extra grand on hydraulic feed! This chipper runs very smoothly and is a perfect fit for the 1025R powered tractor. I do recommend the 5" capacity due to larger chute being able to handle branches with branching to feed into the chipper blades easier. Thanks Value-Leader!

 by Screemingowl

Seems to be. a well built product .Its a shame a little extra attention to shipping protection would make it 5 stars Shippers stacked the feed hopper on top of fly wheel metal to metal .The paint was worn off to bear metal. Instructions very easy to follow Love having sockets called out needed .

 by Ken nelson

Easy assembly, had to trim down pto to fit my tractor which was simple. Only have used about 2-3 hours but everything I’ve put through it it handled with ease. Ran green to old dried up branches and it had no issues. Would definitely recommend this to anyone, well worth the money.

 by Dee Gaylord
Sku: VL-WCX5

It arrived a week after ordering. Packaged inside an angle iron frame and on a pallet. All of the pieces were wrapped in plastic wrap and secured with heavy gauge wire. Assembly is a piece of cake. I put it together with the help of my 2 1/2 YO grandson. He handed me nuts and bolts. The instructions aren't even needed for assembly.
The PTO shaft is long enough that I can use the unit with my quick hitch. Big plus!
In action, it eats trees. to test it, I shoved a 4" tree section in. It ate it. Wood chips are a nice size; dime size to 1/2 dime size.
I assembled, greased, hooked up, and run tree limbs through it for an hour today. The unit does not have a controlled feed but feed is regulated by the size of bite the chipper blades can take from the tree limb.
No complaints except one. That is ... my kids are grown, married, and moved out. That means I have to drag the brush to the chipper instead of just driving around on the tracker while the kids drag to me. Oh well, grand-kids are growing.
I'm running this wood chipper behind a John Deere 4410.

 by Norman
Sku: VL-WCX5

I run this chipper behind a 35 hp 2535 Mahindra tractor. Works exactly as described.
Has no problems with limbs up to 5". Only downside is it doesn't like "green" vines and limbs smaller than your finger. They clog in the housing and chute. Small dry limbs are no problem at all. No regrets on my purchase. Betstco has great customer service.

 by rico
Sku: VL-WCX5

gets the job done like advertised, a small tractor can do big jobs with this chipper, good purchase! 

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