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Farmer-Helper FH-EFGC Heavy Duty MOWER


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working width

Working Width

41″ – 77″

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
20- 65 HP

hammer blades

Comes with 27 oz Blades

hydraulic offset

Hydraulic Offset Available


Suitable for:

Brush up to 3″ thick

  • 41″ Heavy Duty Flail Mower, FH-EFGC105


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  • 48″ Cut Heavy Duty Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, FH-EFGCH125KIT


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  • 48″ Heavy Duty Flail Mower, FH-EFGC125


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  • 60″ Cut Heavy Duty Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, FH-EFGCH155KKIT


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  • 60″ Heavy Duty Flail Mower, FH-EFGC155


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  • 68″ Cut Heavy Duty Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, FH-EFGCH175KITT


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    68″ Heavy Duty Flail Mower, FH-EFGC175

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  • 77″ Cut Heavy Duty Flail Mower, FH-EFGC195


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  • 77″ Cut Heavy Duty Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower, FH-EFGCH195KIT


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Who is Farmer-Helper?

Farmer Helper Machinery Co., Ltd (FHM) was established in 2009. The factory area is more than 20,000 square meters and houses 4 Metal laser cutting machines and more than 80 processing machines.

FHM manufactures a full range of high-quality implements for small to medium-sized tractor owners across the world. Farmer’s Helper has become an integral manufacturing premise for agricultural machines. Our team’s priority is customer success and satisfaction. We constantly improve our machines to meet customer demands and expectations.

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FH-EFGC Heavy Duty Flail Mower
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Simon
Sku: EFGC155

Just got my mower the other day. So far I have used it about an hour. So far so good. I found it was well packed in the welded steel cage. Fortunately I had a grinder with cutoff wheel. Although I found the videos online and the abundant instructions, it was still difficult to tell how the uprights should be attached to the mower body. I see that some improvements have been made in response to previous comments; the stand now bolts into a threaded reinforced area rather than trying to get the nuts up behind the leading edge guards. And there is a hole in the belt cover to grease the bearing. My biggest complaint about 5ge instructions is not knowing how much gear oil is needed, I found that I needed about 1 liter, not a gallon jug shown in one of the pictures. My most serious complaint is about the black plastic the pto shield. It doesn’t have enough flair for man sized hands to get in there and squeeze the pto lock mechanism. I wish it has a flip up metal cover similar to the tractor. Alternately maybe a pto shaft with collar locks would be easier. Honestly Inthink Inspent more time fighting the pto shaft than mowing. However the mowing I did do was really good. I have pasture that has not been mowed for several years, and is now sprouting Douglas fir and alders along with Scott’s broom and blackberry. So far it’s made easy work of the vegetation. Once I get a hang of the pto shaft, I won’t dread taking to mower off to use another implement.

 by Scott Kelley
Sku: FH-EFGC155

I have twenty acres or so that have become very heavily overgrown. I bought the EFGC155 with hammer blades to beat the brush into nothingness. I've never had a flail mower before, so I immediately burned up a set of belts. I now always keep a spare set handy. Now that I have the hang of the mower, I have been clearing like a demon! I basically just drive into the brush with my blade down low to push everything over, and the mower grinds it into barkdust. I am very happy with this flail mower. I'm operating it on a 35 hp tractor with no difficulties.

 by Kris

Very impressed so far, i performed a torque audit and a bearing break-in procedure before putting any serious load on the machine, It cut with ease, actually much quieter then i was anticipating, this unit is a beast. With proper maintenance, this unit will outlast me and my son's son/daughter.

 by Darin S
Sku: FH-EFGC125

Works fantastic, gives a decent finish cut and grinds up everything, brush, branches and bark.

 by Sid Blackman
Sku: FH-EFGC195+

Great price. Fast shipping. Quality workmanship. Very pleased. Highly reccomend. 

 by Tom
Sku: FH-EFGC195+

I was suprised to see how heavy duty this mower is built. Its a very nice machine and will last a very long time. Do not be afraid to buy this product!

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