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Farmer-Helper FH-BX42 Self Feeding Wood Chipper


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  • fh-bx42

    4″ Self Feeding Wood Chipper, FH-BX42


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Who is Farmer-Helper?

Farmer Helper Machinery Co., Ltd (FHM) was established in 2009. The factory area is more than 20,000 square meters and houses 4 Metal laser cutting machines and more than 80 processing machines.

FHM manufactures a full range of high-quality implements for small to medium-sized tractor owners across the world. Farmer’s Helper has become an integral manufacturing premise for agricultural machines. Our team’s priority is customer success and satisfaction. We constantly improve our machines to meet customer demands and expectations.

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FH-BX42 Self Feeding Wood Chipper
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Kerry Nugent
Sku: BX42

I've bee running this on a JD 1023E subcompact for about 7 months and this thing is a beast. It eats everything you throw at it with no hesitation. Best attachment I've bought yet. Plus you cant beat the price.

 by John
Sku: FH-BX42

I purchased this earlier this year. I have been clearing some trees that had grown too close to the house over the years. I needed something that would work with my very small Kubota Sub Compact BX-1880 tractor. While I am right at the low side of PTO horsepower, it exceeded my expectations. My son and I cut some maple trees and it made short work of all the excess limbs and such. Even with my small tractor we weren't having any issues with 4"+ limbs. We had a 16' dump trailer full of chips. I am amazed and so happy I took a chance on this brand. I have friends that have the more expensive copies and theirs don't seem to do as well as this one. Great purchase. I just wish I had bought the tractor and this chipper years ago. Great experience!

 by Matt
Sku: FH-BX42

I bought this purely on price and availability. I didn't expect it to be great. I will only use it a few times a year so I was OK with that. That is after I finish the large clearing project i bought it for. I have to say I am impressed. The quality is better than the more expensive copies of this model. I have run a lot of material from smaller stuff to stuff that barely fits. It sucks it all in and creates nice mulch. I have used it for 3 weekends and run it hard. I assumed I would have to sharpen the blades daily or at best after each weekend. I haven't had to sharpen them yet and they cut like when it was new. This Chipper greatly exceeds my expectations. I was expecting to have the same problems with it that someone I know has had with a well known company's version of the same machine has had. Including he has to sharpen the blades daily. Some parts on his have bent. His cost more so I expected this to be a little worse. Its not it's a lot better. I got a better machine than I expected. I am very satisfied. Don't be afraid of it because it is priced lower than others who copy the same machine. My buddy was and paid more and got less. He regrets that now. I truly didn't expect the chipper to be as good as it turned out to be. I don't know why one is better than the other. But it is. My buddy is going to bring his blades over to see if they will interchange with mine. If so he will buy replacements for this machine for his.

 by Jeff
Sku: FH-BX42

I finally got tired of cutting and then burning all the small trees and other brush around my 18 acres, I looked locally but found nothing I liked so after a google search I found this one. I have bought a lot of items on line since Covid started but this was the heaviest Item I’ve bought, I did have to drive 40 minutes to the FedX freight location to pick it up due to the rural roads I live on. The assembly took me 2 hrs, I did have to shorten the PTO drive shaft to get it to fit on my Kubota L2501 and it matches the color of the tractor! We used it for about 4 hrs yesterday and it worked great, only had to clean a clog once because we put too many small green twigs in at once. This is a high quality well built out of thick gauge steel machine that will get passed on to my son’s and probably to the grandkids too!

 by James Weger
Sku: FH-BX42S

Everything we hoped it would be. I chose to pick it up rather then have it delivered, so Betstco put it together. I did have to shortened the driveline. We ran it for about 6 hours today and we are very happy with it. Have it behind our Kubota B2301.
Betstco treated us very well and even let us know that a sale was coming up. Not many places would do that.

 by Mike M
Sku: FH-BX42

Works Great!
I waited until I used the BX42 for a while. I am running it with a small 20HP compact tractor I have not had any problems and have chipped almost all of my brush piles.
Great price and free shipping! I am very happy with this purchase.

 by will annarino
Sku: FH-BX42

I just received my BX42 wood chipper and Fed Ex even delivered on a smaller lift gate truck at no charge.. Arrived in very good condition with only a couple very minor scratches.. Not bad after traveling over 2,000 miles..It aalso came with the legs which I thought was optional..1 hour and 30 minutes later and it was ready to go.. Spent about 4 hours chipping limbs from a very large dead ash tree with no glitches or issues and chips were no different from the chips of a $30,000 dollar commerical machine that i have used in the past on occassion..I might add I limited the size of limbs to no larger that 2"-21/2" as anything bigger I use for firewood..I did toss a few in at 3" or so or with no issues or bog down as my tractor is a sub compact Kubota BX-25D..

 by Sheila
Sku: FH-BX42

I LOVE this tool!! Just purchased 10 vacant acres in northern Michigan and wanted to start cleaning it up. This thing is a beast. It handled various sizes and species including oak, maple, cottonwood, beech and pine without issue for the most part. Only real issue that I had was having the cute clog when running branches thru that still had many fresh leaves on them. Wasn't a big deal to fix and I knew about the problem from another person who commented on it. I have this attached to a JohnDeere 1023e.
Being female, I rely on many tools to help me get the jobs done like another set of hands. This is no exception. Wish I could afford more "toys" like this one! 🙂

 by Kurt
Sku: FH-BX42

It arrived yesterday, so that was assembly... It did not go together as well as my flail mower from FHM, so I was getting a little frustrated with some little issues, feed hopper flange was a little bent, flywheel cover didn't seat easily... Blades not anywhere near spec gaps...

After getting all that sorted out, it is fearsome. I'm using it with a Kubota B2650 on hard California Coastal oak... Green or dry it eats it even a little beyond the 4"inch spec maximum.. While working on my land a neighbor noticed and asked if I could take care of some stuff on his property so we went at did that too, mostly old very dry large limbs, quickly destroyed it all including a whole christmas tree (did have to trim the dense branches off to fit into the hopper.

Really a great unit... setup took longer than expected as I said, but the machine is fierce.

 by Garry
Sku: FH-BX42

Works very well for chipping as advertised. Will plug up if one runs very small green limbs through it. Because they will shred and plug up the shoot and wrap around the spindle for the flywheel. But this is a chipper not a chipper shredder. I have a Kubota 2501 and this chipper works well with it. I have not jammed with anything that would feed in it except for the thin green stuff that isn't chippable. Instructions for assembly not all that good but there are videos on youtube. It is easier to assemble with a second pair of hands, but I did manage to do it myself but I am a bit mechanical savvy and improvise all the time.

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