Value-Leader VL-BHM Self Contained Backhoe

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Value-Leader VL-BHM Self Contained Backhoe

This is a premium product that offers higher quality parts and specifications. This product is designed with performance in mind.


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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

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18 – 40+ HP


  • 5′ Dig Self Contained Backhoe, VL-BHM5


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  • 6′ dig – Self Contained Backhoe, VL-BHM6


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  • 7′ dig – Self Contained Backhoe, VL-BHM7


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  • 8′ Dig Self Contained Backhoe, VL-BHM8


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Who is Value-Leader?

Value-Leader Implements was started in 1995 to provide a high quality high value option to compete with USA tractor dealership branded products. The focus has always been on providing the US consumer with long lasting dependable equipment. This is more value for our customers money. 

This is done by always using high quality components and testing the components use in our implements. We also test the finished products for dependability, to make sure that they not only work but, that they last. We strive for our implement to be trouble free, when maintained, for not less than a 5 year period. 

Value-Leader was the first USA implement company to offer a two year warranty on tractor implements. 


Description for Self Contained BACKHOE:

Betstco Value-Leader backhoe attachments are a perfect combination of size and power. Light enough to move around, yet strong enough to get the tough jobs done. Some backhoe attachments boost heavier weight, but the weight is not power or durability. Additional unnecessary weight only adds stress to the frame of your tractor. Betstco Value-Leader VL-BHM series backhoe attachments are manufactured using heavy Q-235 (American standard ASTM A-36) structural steel plate, the strongest plate steel available. The pieces are CNC laser cut so that they fit together perfectly, and are then precision welded. This combined with our superior design and high-quality components provides the best backhoe value available.

Key Features:

  • Fits all tractor brands with standard Cat-I three-point Hitch
  • Self-contained hydraulic systems do not use your tractors hydraulics or a dangerous hang-on pump
  • Custom top link systems and double triangle 4th point mount removes the requirement of a sub-frame
  • Parts and accessories in stock plus a large selection of optional bucket sizes
  • Large selection of optional buckets sizes.
  • 4-Way ISO Joy Stick Control
  • Multiple Bucket Sizes
  • Thumb and Ripper Available
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System
  • Total System Designed for Maximum Efficiency
  • Backhoe Will Operate with Tractor at an Idle
  • PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
  • Additional Bucket sizes, (subject to availability).

Specifications for Self Contained Backhoe:

Recommended Tractor HPSub-compact 18-24 HP25 HP+30 HP+40 HP+
3 Point HitchCat ICat ICat ICat I
Digging Depth (B)4’ – 5’6’ – 7’7’ – 8’8’ – 9’
Overall Reach Out (A)7’8″8’6”9’6”10’10”
Operating Height Up (C)8’ 4”9’ 11”10’ 1”11’ 4”
Dumping Height4’ 1”5’ 6”6’ 7”7’ 9”
Swing Arc (Dual Cylinder)160 Degrees180 Degrees180 Degrees170 Degrees
Stabilizer Width4’6” (up) 6’10” (down)4’6” (up) 7’4” (down)4’6” (up) 7’4” (down)4’6” (up) 7’4” (down)
Dipper Boom Digging Force880 lbs.1875 lbs.1875 lbs.2,425 lbs.
Bucket Digging Force2,204 lbs2,425 lbs2,425 lbs3,750 lbs
Bucket Lift Capacity Extended650 lbs900 lbs1000 lbs1,400 lbs
Bucket Size Included12” – 3 teeth12” – 3 teeth12” – 3 teeth16” – 4 teeth
Included Bucket Capacity0.85 (cu ft)1.10 (cu ft)1.40 (cu ft)1.40 (cu ft)
Bucket Rotation180 degrees180 degrees180 degrees180 degrees
Cylinder Diameters2 1/2”3”3”3 1/2”
Control Valve Type(2) 4-way & (2) 2-way joystick(2) 4-way & (2) 2-way joystick(2) 4-way & (2) 2-way joystick(2) 4-way & (2) 2-way joystick
Hydraulic Tank Capacity4 Gallon5 Gallon5 Gallon5 Gallon
Hydraulic Pump DetailsPTO Drive w/in-line filterPTO Drive w/in-line filterPTO Drive w/in-line filterPTO Drive w/in-line filter
Optional Bucket Sizes7”, 9”, 16”7”, 9”, 16”, 24”, 35”, thumb, ripper7”, 9”, 12”, 24”, 35”, thumb, ripper7”, 9”, 12”, 24”, 35”, thumb, ripper
Weight575 lbs.1156 lbs.1190 lbs.1600 lbs.
Crated Weight720 lbs1270 lbs1290 lbs1800 lbs

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VL-BHM Self Contained Backhoe
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Guy Shingleton
Sku: BHM-8

Second review of the BHM-8 now that I have had time to work with it. Hoping I can post a picture of a boulder that I picked up with the thumb extra. If you are asking whether it is worth the extra cost I would definitely say, yes! Using the backhoe to dig foundation, electrical 200', and waste pipes 300', in the rocky ground. Glacier moraine field with a lot of rocks and boulders. The thumb/backhoe has picked up and moved granite boulders about the size of a truck tire. And what I couldn't pick up (one about 5' across) I was able to use the backhoe to slide the boulders out of the way. Beyond expectations of what I thought a tractor three point backhoe would be able to do. I got pretty good at picking up and moving rocks/smaller boulders that would have taken 2-3 men just to roll out of the way much less pick up. (Hope to include picture but not seeing option)
PS: Have estimated that I have already recouped $2500+ of the purchase price in what I would have spent on renting the first week of using the backhoe. Purchase vs rental is about a months rental here in CO.

 by Guy Shingleton
Sku: VL-BHM8

Have just begun using the BHM8 backhoe but very impressed (Would not recommend for compact tractor because of the size and weight). Even more impressed by Betstco's service. Front hydraulic cylinder damaged in shipping, I emailed pictures of the damage, and they immediately shipped a new one. Gets lost in shipping, not Betstco's fault, and they send a second. Both arrive the same day. Installed the first and shipped the second back. Backhoe works great and still getting use to control pattern. Not comparable to a dedicated commercial backhoe/loader combo but for a backhoe off of your tractor three point/pto I don't think you will find one bigger/better. (Mounted on my John Deere 5325)

 by Jay Bissonnette
Sku: VL-BHM5

Have had excellent results with the backhoe been using it for clearing and stumps. Smaller hoe so it takes a little longer but, I also couldn't get a bigger machine in where I need to work. Had a small issue which they addressed immediately under warranty no questions asked! Can't say enough good things about the backhoe, AND Bestco thanks you guys your the best!!!

 by Martin Vargas
Sku: FH-BH6

It’s been about a year since I’ve ordered my backhoe and have never regretted it. The operational smoothness and reliability is awesome, it’s the perfect compliment too my Kubota tractor. I’ve dug sewer lines, sprinkler lines and water lines. I love it!
M. Vargas