FH-BH5, 6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe

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FH-BH5, 6 & 7 Self Contained Standard Backhoe


Assembly Video:

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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
25- 30+ HP

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Description for the backhoe:

The Farmer-Helper (FH) backhoes are built strong, feature-heavy lift, and major digging capacity. Built using Q-235 structural steel plate and high-quality components the FH backhoes enable you to tackle any kind of job with confidence. They have advanced features like a fully self-contained hydraulic system with a dual filter system. Hydraulic systems are powered by your tractors PTO, 4th point top link stabilization system, responsive 4-way controls with exceptional feathering, hydraulic stabilizer, transport lock and a variety of heavy-duty bucket sizes up to 36” in width.

Key Features for the backhoe:

  • 4-Way ISO Joy Stick Control
  • Multiple Bucket Sizes from 7 to 36 inches
  • Thumb and Ripper Available
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System
  • Easy Clean Stainless Steel Hydraulic Filter
  • Total System Design for Maximum Efficiency
  • Backhoe Will Operate with Tractor at an Idle
  • PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
  • Hydraulic Tank with Sight Glass
  • Oversized Stabilizer Pads
  • Foldup Seat
  • 3-Point with 4th Point Stabilizer
  • Will connect to 3-Point Cat-I or Cat-II
  • 16” Bucket Included for BH7, 12″ Bucket Included for BH6, Exchange available (subject to availability)

Specifications for the BACKHOE:

Compact tractor horsepower18-24 HP25 HP+30 HP+
3-Point LinkageCat-ICat-ICat-I
Structure Weight550 lbs / 250 kg1060 lbs / 480 kg1190 lbs / 500 kg
Digging Depth (2 foot flat bottom)5’ / 153 cm6’ / 183 cm7’ 6” / 201 cm
Reach from center line of swing pivot 8’ 6” / 260 cm10’ 6” / 279 cm
Loading Height (bucket at 60°)5’  / 153 cm5’ 8” / 172 cm6’ 6” / 184 cm
Transport Height (Maximum)5’ / 153 cm6’ / 184 cm6’ 9” / 206 cm
Extended Height7’ / 215 cm9’ 5” / 287 cm10’ 2” / 311 cm
Loading Reach (Bucket at 60°) 3’ 1” / 95 cm4’ 6” / 118 cm
Transport Overhang 3’ 6” / 108 cm3’ 8” / 111 cm
Undercut 2’ 5” / 73 cm2’ 9” / 83 cm
Bucket Rotation 180 degrees180 degrees
Stabilizer Spread (Up – Transport)3’ 8” / 115 cm4’ 4” / 131 cm4’ 9” / 131 cm
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position)5’ 1” / 156 cm7’ 2” / 210 cm7’ 4” / 210 cm
Arm Swing Arc180 degrees180 degrees180 degrees

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FH-BH6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Frank and Tracy Cunningham on FH-BH6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe
Sku: FH-BH6

I received the backhoe about 8 days after I ordered it and spent a few hours setting it up for my tractor and just checking things over, I am impressed with how well it is made, I dug a few holes and it is very powerful, Very happy with the purchase, Also contacted customer service about the delivery thru email they were quick to respond

by Samuel on FH-BH6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe
Sku: FH-Bh6

After Betstco sent another pump & Pressure relief valve, I can say his thing will dig! Very please after repair completed!

by Walter on FH-BH6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe
Sku: FH-BH6

The backhoe had a little damage to the seat but i was able to fix to my satisfaction, the instructions book that comes with the BH6 is not much help but i looked at the pictures and it was not a bad job getting it hooked to my LS XG 3135 i did have to shorten the drive shaft about 1 inch on both shafts.
This little backhoe does a suprising good job, i had to run the engine between 1700 and 2000 RPM to get the speed i wanted. I am a satisfied BETSTCO customer!

by Gary Blankenship on FH-BH6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe
Sku: FH-BH6

It was very easy installation the only thing i had to do was shorten drive shaft 1 inch It worked great right out of box digs really well i will need more weight to rear of tractor when soil is hard as i have moist soil now i dug a trench 2 feet deep for electrical easily My tractor is a 841 ford with loader and i set mine just above idle to run backhoe off pto