VL-LXG Power Harrow/Vertical Tiller

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This is a premium product that offers higher quality parts and specifications. This product is designed with performance in mind.

SKU: VL-LXG130, VL-LXG170, VL-LXG210

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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

working width

Working Width

51" - 79"

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
25- 65 HP


The power harrow is an implement for seedbed preparation and weed control. There are many advantages to using a power harrow.

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Key Features: 

  • Optimal soil break-up. Ideal distribution between fine soil in depth and larger sods on the surface, which prevents a surface crust from forming. The rotary blade movements exercise a horizontal and not a vertical pressure on the soil, preventing the formation of a hard layer at the depth.
  • Versatility and all-purpose use: adaptation to most soil conditions and excellent capability of working virgin land.
  • Optimal stubble/trash burying in the upper soil layer. In particular, the use of specific blades (on the grip) produces a perfect soil re-mixing even in large amounts of stubble/trash.
  • Perfect soil leveling.
  • Easy depth control allows quick and easy shallow weed control.
    The rotary harrow will leave the soil with worms still intact and alive - aiding the natural structure of the soil.
  • Perfect for cover crop mixing. The spade blades lift and tumble the soil, thoroughly mixing it, breaking up any clods and leaving a prepared and undamaged soil structure, which is fully de-compacted and aerated. This ability to mix and blend is a huge advantage when incorporating stubble and previous crop residue, as well as large
    quantities of composts, slurry, manure, and other organic materials.


Model Number VL-LXG130 VL-LXG170 VL-LXG210
Structure Weight 617 lb / 280 kg 728 lb / 330 kg 838 lb / 380 kg
Gear Box HP 50 HP 65 HP 65 HP
No. of Blade 12 16 18
Tilling width 51.2” / 1300 mm 66.9” / 1700 mm 82.7” / 2000 mm
Tilling depth 7.9” / 200 mm 7.9” / 200 mm 7.9” / 200 mm
PTO turning speed 540 r/min 540 r/min 540 r/min
Tractor PTO HP 25 - 50 HP 30 - 65 HP 35 - 65 HP

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