VL-AM Boom Flail Mower


This is a premium product that offers higher quality parts and specifications. This product is designed with performance in mind.


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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

working width

Working Width

23.6" - 31.5"

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
18- 50 HP


Suitable for:

Brush up to 1" thick

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When you have that impossible area to mow let the Value-Leader AM80 Boom mounted Flail mower makes it possible. This mower is designed to trim those impossible places. Places like Roadside Brush, Maintaining your Fence Lines, Clearing out that Ditch, Mowing those pesky branches that hang down and scratch the top of your vehicles, Mowing between the sidewalks and roadways, Mowing around the pond, Cleaning along the creek, Clearing over the top of the fence or getting that brush that is over the edge of the embankment.

Minimum Tractor Weight of 3,200 lbs Recommended. Always check stability with the boom at full reach and close to the ground before using without an additional counterbalance. When the boom is fully extended about 4 inches off the ground, push down on mower head. Tractor tire must not lift.

Key Features:

  • Tractor 3-point Hitch Cat. I & II.
  • Independent Self Contained Hydraulic Circuit with High-Efficiency Aluminum Gear Pump.
  • Max. 540 RPM PTO.
  • Hydraulic Valve System Operated by Flexible Cables & Control Unit with Mechanical Levers.
  • High-Strength Framework Pre-Engineered for 3-Point Hitching to Cat. I & 2.
  • Ground knives made of Hardened & Heat Treated Steel.
  • Wear-Resistant Bushings with Lubricating Nipple.
  • Lift Truck Connections.
  • 35 Floating Cutting Head.


Spec VL-AM80
Structure weight 573 lbs / 260 kg
Cutting Width 31.5” / 800 mm
Flail Type Y Blade
Number of flails 32
Oil Capacity 12.1 gal / 55 L
Pto Speed 540 r/min
Tractor HP 20 - 50 HP
Extended on ground distance 8.89’
Extended in air distance horizontal 4.92’
Extended in air distance vertical 8.20’

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  1. Mark wolf

    Need counter weigh build on mower

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