Hydraulic Boom Sickle Brush Mower, FH-BRM

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FH-BRM Boom Sickle Hedge Cutter

SKU: FH-BRM120, FH-BRM150, FH-BRM180

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2 year warranty with optional 4 years


working width

Working Width

36" - 51"



Powered By:


9-11 GPM




8 GPM+ Hydraulic Flow



Suitable for:

Brush up to 1" thick

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Got ditches to mow, hedges to trim? Is brush overgrowing your driveway? A shrub that needs to be controlled? Our sickle hedge cutter is a perfect solution for maintaining hedges, ditches, and shrubs alongside roadways and fields.

Tractor with a minimum weight of 2000 lbs is required.

Key Features:

  • Will cut a flat top hedge that is 11 feet tall.
  • Will cut a vertical side and up to 6 feet out.
  • Ditches and banks down to 45Β° angle.
  • Finger bar sickle hedge cutter connects to your tractors remote hydraulics to make quick easy work of those problem areas that a normal mower cannot reach.


Spec FH-BRM120 FH-BRM150 FH-BRM180
Required Hydraulic Pressure 2250 TO 3500 PSI 2250 TO 3500 PSI 2250 TO 3500 PSI
Blades 13 18 23
Required Hydraulic Flow 8 GPM to 11 GPM 8 GPM to 11 GPM 8 GPM to 11 GPM
Unit Net Weight 529 lbs 552 lbs 573 lbs
Gross Shipping Weight 564 lbs 587 lbs 608 lbs
Mower Head Only Weight 82 lbs 88 lbs 93 lbs
Brush Cutting Diameter 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch
Maximum Up Reach 136 inches+ 136 inches+ 136 inches+
Side Reach at Maximum Up 36 inches+ 36 inches+ 36 inches+
Reach at Ground 51 inches+ 51 inches+ 51 inches+
Addition of Cutting Bar Reach 47 inches 59 inches 70 inches
Down Angle (Slope) 45 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees
Travel Position 49 inches left, 51 inches right 49 inches left, 51 inches right 49 inches left, 51 inches right

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Weight 500 lbs

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