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LXGR rotary tillers also called power driven harrow. Using this rotary tiller, it can help you protect the earth granular structure.


The power harrow is an implement for seedbed preparation and weed control. There are many advantages to using a power harrow.

Optimal soil break-up. The ideal distribution between fine soil in-depth and larger sods on the surface, which prevents a surface crust from forming. The rotary blade movement exercises a horizontal and not a vertical pressure on the soil, preventing the formation of a hard layer at the depth.

Versatility and all-purpose use: adaptation to most soil conditions and excellent capability of working virgin land.

Optimal stubble/trash burying in the upper soil layer. In particular, the use of specific blades (on grip) produces a perfect soil re-mixing even in large amounts of stubble/trash.

Perfect soil leveling.

Easy depth control allows quick easy shallow weed control.

The rotary plow will leave the soil with worms still intact and alive – aiding the natural structure of the soil.

Perfect for cover crop mixing. The spade blades lift and tumble the soil, thoroughly mixing it, breaking up any clods and leaving a prepared and undamaged soil structure, which is fully de-compacted and aerated. This ability to mix and blend,d is a huge advantage when incorporating stubble and previous crop residues, as well as large qualities of composts, slurry, manure, and other organic materials.

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