9′ dig self contained tractor backhoe, FH-BH9


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The FH backhoes enable you to tackle any kind of job with confidence. They have advanced features like a fully self-contained hydraulic system with dual filter system. Hydraulic systems is powered by your tractor’s PTO, 4th point top link stabilization system, responsive 4-way controls with exceptional feathering, hydraulic stabilizer, transport lock and a variety of heavy-duty bucket sizes up to 36” in width.

Key Features:

  • Trenching up to 102” deep
  • Two-lever hydraulic controls
  • Rigid 4th point mounting eliminates need for frame mount
  • Hydraulic stabilizers
  • Transport lock
  • Optional Mechanical thumb
  • Variety of bucket sizes
  • Built using Q-235 structural steel
  • High quality components
  • The Farmer-Helper (FH) backhoes are built strong and feature heavy lift and major digging capacity.
  • Additional bucket sizes, (subject to availability).


Spec FH-BH8 FH-BH9
Recommended Tract 3-point lift at end 1575 lbs+ 1700 lbs+
3-point Linkage Cat-I or Cat-II Cat-I or Cat-II
Digging Depth (2 foot flat bottom trench) 89.7” 102”
Reach (From center of swing Pivot) 126” 142”
Loading Height (Bucket at 60 degrees) 72.4” 80.3”
Transport Height (maximum) 83.5” 92.9”
Transport Overhang 49” 50.4”
Bucket rotation 180° 180°
Stabilizer Spread (Down Postion) 68.7” 68.7”
Stabilizer Spread (Up Position) 46.4” 46.4”
Dipperstick Digging Force 2,105 lbs 2,205 lbs
Bucket Digging Force 2,818 lbs. 3,418 lbs.
Swing Arc 180° 180°
Operating Pressure 2,466 psi 2,466 psi
Shipping Weight 1,450 lbs 1,540 lbs
Net Weight (16” Bucket) 1,360 lbs 1,450 lbs

Additional information

Weight 1700 lbs