71″ Super Heavy Duty Trail Cutter/Flail Mower, FH-D180


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The β€œD” series flail mulchers are super heavy duty mowers designed for large areas, with heavy vegetation and/or brush. Areas like roadsides, orchards, fields, woods, roads and trails. Perfect for clearing and maintaining the more rugged landscape areas that include heavy grasses, debris, sticks, vines, branches and other wooded materials. The Farmer-Helper β€œD” series flail mulchers are designed for dual duty. Be it cutting the field or clearing the brambles this mulcher flail can handle the task. With a standard flail mower the material you are cutting may not be retained under the deck before it is expelled down on the ground. If you are dealing with brush and brances sometimes the material comes out from under the deck before it is fully mulched. With the β€œD’s” brush rakes you can keep the material in the mulching chamber longer.

Key Features:

  • Structural Q235 roll formed robot cut and fitted steel for durability and quality.
  • 43 ounce 5 1/2" wide forged tool steel hammer blades cut/chop up to 5" diameter weeds & brush.
  • 16" blade swing provides fast blade tip cutting speed for faster mowing. 150 feet per second.
  • 6" balanced blade holder tube for smooth operation and long bearing life.
  • Balanced steel V-Belt pulley to eliminate vibration.
  • Dual Cat-I/II quick hitch comparable 5/16 inch steel tube 3-point hitch both fixed and slip top pin.
  • Offset from center to get mower past your tractor with hydraulic adjustment for mowing near and/or around objects.
  • Multiple tuff V-belts provide positive drive to the blades and external belt tighten make maintenance quick and easy.
  • Replaceable side skids assist with anti-scalping and reduce surface gouging.
  • Bearings are easily accessed for greasing and zerts are shielded from damage.
  • Full width rear roller with minimum cutting height adjustment from 1/2" to 4".
  • Roller has tapered ends to eliminate gouging when turning corners. Roller has a scraper bar to remove buildup mud and debris as you mow.
  • Powder coat finish keeps your mower looking good for years as it is more rust resistant and durable than spray finish.
  • Adjustable/Removable brush rakes keep branches in the mulching chamber longer.


Spec FH-D180
Working Width 71”
Overall Width 79”
Min. HP Req. 40 HP
Hitch Cat I & II
Gear Box Rating 65 HP
Cutting Offset 24” - 42” Adjustable
Std Hammer Blades 16 Hammer Blades
Housing Thickness Reinforced 8 Gauge
Side Plate Thickness 5/16”
Rotor Dia. 5 7/8”
Rotor Shaft Dia. 5 1/2”
Blade Swing 16 inches
No. of Belts 4
3pt Conn. Width 30 1/2” - 41 1/2”
Driveline Type Series 5 Quick Connect Shear Bolt, 6-Spline
Weight 965 lbs
Crated Weight 1090 lbs


Overall Width: The D 180 has a overall width of 79β€³.

Cutting Width: The D 180 has a tilling width of 71β€³.

Weight: The D 180 has a weight 965 lbs.

HP Requirements at PTO: The D 180 requires 40 - 65 PTO horsepower.

Cutting Height: The D series has a 0" - 6" Adjustable to meet various height requirements

Housing Material Thickness: The D series has a housing of Reinforced 8 gauge.

Side Plate Thickness: The D series has a side plate thickness of 5/16".

Blade Type: The D series uses heavy duty hammer blade. Each hammer blade weighs 5lbs made of cast steel (cast steel is much more durable than cast iron). Use the hammer blades for clearing saplings (5" diameter or less).

Number of Blades: The D 180 uses 16 hammer blades.

Precision Blade Overlap: On the D series the blades are staggered precisely with no gap in the mowing area. Blade overlap is important to achieve an even cutting result.

Rotor Rotation - Reverse: The rotor spins in the opposite direction as the wheels of the tractor when traveling forward. This allows the blades to shear the material as it is folded forward by the mowers. The material is then thrown up and over the rotor.

Rotor Tube Diameter: 5 1/2"- Heavy duty steel tubing for long life.

Balanced Rotor Tube: The rotor tube is balanced to reduce vibration and ensures that the mower runs smooth, and reduces wear on the bearings.

Rotor Swing Diameter: 16" Large swing so that the blades build required inertia.

Hitch Type: Category 1 or 2, standard 3-point.

Offset From Center Mount: This feature allows for offset from center to the right of the tractor. This feature is helpful for mowing around fences, buildings; walkways etc. From the center of the PTO the mower extends to an adjustable 24” to 42”.

Drive Belts: The D series uses 4 belts.

Gearbox Rating: The D 180 is rated 65 hp. Heavy duty proven oil bath gearbox for long life.

Driveline / PTO Shaft: Shear Bolt PTO Shaft for Standard 1-3/8” 6-Spline PTO

Finish: Baked on powder coat, powder coat is superior to paint.

Warranty: 2 year parts warranty with an optional 2 year extension.

Support Before and After the Sale:Β At BetstcoΒ  our service department is staffed with professional technicians that inspect each machine before it is shipped. This ensures that you get a trouble free machine from the get go. When you need technical help or parts, our courteous staff can help you get what you need from our fully stocked warehouse. We keep a full line of replacement parts, and we can ship parts within 24 hours.

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Weight 1150 lbs