6” Hydraulic Feed Wood Chipper, FH-WCRF8


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Farmer Helper WCRF8 wood chipper, with own hydraulic system, 2.5 gallon oil tank, no need to connect to tractor hydraulic system, 4 height adjustment optional legs position(2.5’’-7’’), max chipping diameter is 6’’, suitable for 18-60hp tractor.


  • Flexible, Strong and Efficient
  • 117 lb. Flywheel
  • 4 Reversible hardened tool steel blades.
  • Large 24” diameter 18mm (7/10 in) thick blade rotor.
  • Twig Breaker blower paddles
  • 360 degree exhaust chute with adjustable defector.
  • Works with 15 PTO Hp to 50 HP
  • self contained hydraulic auto-feed System
  • impressive 8” x 8” capacity
  • 117 lbs. Solid steel flywheel.
  • can handle tractors of 50 plus hp
  • specifically designed for sub compact 15 hp+ pto.
  • aggressive hydraulically powered infeed Roller
  • self-contained hydraulic pump & tank.
  • formed from structural steel plate
  • the strongest plate steel available
  • direct drive 40mm diameter main shaft
  • hoses on the wcrf8 are covered in a Nylon protective sheath.
  • 24” diameter 117 lb. Computer balanced Flywheel
  • hardened steel commercial style in-feed Roller
  • in-feed roller with high carbon steel Chisel teeth.
  • direct drive no drive belts to replace.
  • flywheel speed of 540 rpm,with 4 knives
  • 36 bites per second
  • high carbon reversible dual edge knives
  • knives are bolted into a milled pocket in The flywheel,
  • adjustable bed knife to ensure that the Proper knife gap is achieved.
  • 360 degrees of discharge rotation and 2 Finger operation.
  • high flow flywheel chamber ventilation
  • fan paddle blades forcefully ejects the Chips out
  • works with a quick hitch or standard 3- Point
  • two heavy duty cast steel flange Bearings support the 40mm main shaft
  • variable speed hydraulic in-feed motor
  • speeds from (0-75ft. /min) with pressure Compensation flow control valve
  • sloped in-feed bin to pull material into The chipper head.
  • adjustable feed roller tension springs
  • flywheel housing of the wcrf8 opens up Like a clam shell.
  • 2 year warranty optional 4 year
  • service department stocks a full line of Replacement parts.
  • easy to activate hydraulic auto-feed Stop safety bar.
  • user can stop and even reverses the Direction of the in-feed roller.
  • powder coat finish is baked on at 450 Degrees, and is thicker and more durable Than ordinary paint.
  • heavy baffle feature protects the user From chip blow-back

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Drive System

Direct drive, PTO w/shearbolt

Minimum PTO HP

15 for 2.5" diameter

Max Chipping Diameter

35 PTO for 150mm/ 6" diameter

Chipping House Opening

8" x 8"

Number of Rotor Knives


Knife Type

Hardened Tool Steel

Rotor Size


Rotor Weight

56kg / 123 lbs

Feeding System Feed

Hydraulic Feed

Hopper Holded

40" L x 38" W x 49" H

Hopper Opening

20" x 20"

Mounting System

3 Point Hitch

Hopper Discharge Rotation

360 Degrees

Hopper Discharge Height

49" without leg kit

Net Weight

270kg / 595 lbs

Rated RPM


Tractor HP

18-50 HP