5” Self Feeding Wood Chipper, FH-WCX52


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Assembly Video:

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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

gravity feed

Feed is:

Gravity Pinch/Pull

powered by pto power

Powered By:

Tractor PTO
18- 45 HP

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Description for 3 point wood chippers:

FH-WCX52 Wood Chipper is based upon the Wallenstein BX42 with a few minor modifications that make this Self-feeding (Pinch’n’pull) a great and reliable wood chipper for up to 5” inch diameter branches.
The heavy flywheel with air paddles and twig breakers allows it to work well with tractors of 18 to 45 horsepower. Tractors under 25 horsepower may find that maximum diameter/length of materials they chip may need to be reduced based upon the material being chipped and the amount being loaded into feed chute at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Easy Access Clean Out and Blade Change
  • Lighter Weight for Smaller Tractors
  • Direct Drive to flywheel improves torque to flywheel when chipping larger, harder material
  • PTO Speed 540 RPM
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish


Model FH-WCX52
Max Capacity Diameter 5” Diameter Material
Min. Tractor HP Req. 18 HP
Feed Design Continuous Blade Drawn Feed
Feed Opening (10” x 4”) 50 Sq. In.
Feed Hopper 20” x 20” Hinged
Flywheel Diameter 25” Diameter
Flywheel Weight 125 lbs - 1/2” Thick w/Extractor Wings
Cutting Blades 4 Reversible
Bed Blades 1 Reversible
Discharge Chute 300 Degree Rotation
Discharge Height 57” without stand
Drive Direct
PTO Drive Line 04 Series 30” Included w/shear Bolt
Hitch Type Standard Cat. I
PTO Operating Speed 540 RPM
Net Weight 465 lbs
Shipping Weight 480 lbs

Additional information

Weight 425 lbs