4” Towable Wood Chipper, PK-GTS1500E

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Description for a Towable Wood Chipper:

GTS1500E, No Tractor needed! Powerful 15HP (420cc) Electric Start Gasoline Engine. Here is a Towable Wood Chipper with a powerful 15HP engine for fast and professional wood processing up to 4” in diameter.

Our PK-GTS1500E is a powerful Towable Wood Chipper for use when you don’t have a tractor. This unit allows you to chip whenever and where ever you want with the push of a button. Self-contained Wood Chipper!

Key Features:

  • The adjustable trailer hitch and the support leg allow for easy movement of the chipper with your garden tractor, SUV or ATV or remove the trailer hitch with a simple pin and it is perfectly balanced, enabling you to move it around by hand with the handle.
  • The large 15” wheels and the ideal positioned handle to allow you to comfortably move the shredder around on your property.
  • The chipping drum mechanism is designed with a roller of 12” in width and 2 large knives. These knives pull the wood powerfully into the shredder and cut the material reliably against the counter knife.


Model PK-GTS1500E
Tire diameter 15”
Number of knives 2 + 1
Knife rotor speed 2,400 RPM, max
Inside end of feeder funnel 12” x 6”
Feeder funnel opening 18.5” x 13.4”
Height of feeder funnel 43.3”
Max. wood diameter 4”
Height of discharge funnel 55”
Housing material thickness 4mm (5/32”)
Painting powder coated Yellow & Black
Engine 4 stroke, 420cc, 15HP 12 volt battery electric start
Engine oil 1 quart (10W30 / 10W40)
Gas tank cap. 1.65 US Gal. max
Fuel consumption .85 US gal./hr (max load)
Max. RPM 3,600 RPM
Knife rotor drive Dual belt drive
Weight 454 lbs.
Motor Maker: Jiangdong

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Weight 250 lbs