3” Towable Wood Chipper Shredder, PK-ECO13


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Engine Powered 3" x 5" chipper and 1" shreadder

ECO's have bigger blades, larger fly-wheel, larger shredders and larger feed chutes than comparable units. This provides more shredding and chipping efficiency.

Product Summary:

  • 3" x 5" chipping capacity; 1" shredding capacity
  • Changeable shredder grate, 1 1/2 (normal) and 3/4 (fine)
  • Twenty four 1/3" thick free-swinging hammers pulverize brush
  • Large, low-profile hopper for easy filling
  • 13" diameter 0.6" thick flywheel with 2 reversible 1/3" thick tool grade steel chipping knifes quickly eat branches
  • 1 Year warranty (Engine warranty separate)
  • Powered by 15 HP 420cc gasoline

Never store any machine with raw, stabilized gas in it unless it's packaged fuel, which does not contain ethanol or additives and is sold in steel cans at hardware stores, home centers, and outdoor-power-equipment dealerships. Storing an engine with unstabilized gas in it for more than 30 days will void the engine manufacturers warranty.

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Weight 1000 lbs