2-Way Hydraulic Stump Grinder, FH-SG24-PRO

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2 year warranty with optional 4 years

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30 - 50 HP

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Description of PTO Stump Grinder:

For rural property owners and those with wooded lots, the stump grinder is great and incredibly useful for getting rid of those ugly stumps, quickly and easily.

Key Features:

  • 24” inch two-way cutting wheel
  • Replaceable carbide teeth
  • Cat-I or II 3-point
  • Cutting tip speed 5,966 RPM


Model FH-SG24-PRO
Recommnded HP 30 HP - 50 HP
Rotor Size 24”
Number of Teeth 54 Dual Direction
Tooth Construction Carbide Steel Bolt-in
Required PTO Speed 540 RPM
Cutting Wheel Speed 950 RPM
Cutting Height 18” above ground
Cutting Depth 8” below ground
Maximum Cutting Depth (Per Pass) 6”
Maximum Horizontal Cut 26”
Swing Arc 40”
Hitch Category Cat. I or II
Shipping Weight 280 kg / 617 lbs

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1 review for 2-Way Hydraulic Stump Grinder, FH-SG24-PRO

  1. Ron

    I purchased the SG-24 Pro Hydraulic Stump Grinder and so far it’s been all good as for grinding stumps. This is a heavy duty unit and seems to be very well built. I run it behind a Ford 4000 diesel 55hp and it’s a stump eating monster. I ground a 24” southern pine below ground in about 30 minutes.
    There were some issues when I received the grinder and it wasn’t secured in the crate very well.
    I was missing 2 hoses and one was damaged from shipping so I called Betsco and they immediately shipped the hoses and they arrived in a week.
    I checked everything over good before using the grinder and I’m glad I did for the grinding wheel was loose on the gearbox so I removed the cotter pin and tighten the nut.
    As for performance I give it a an A+ . As for longevity, that’s to be determined.

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