71″ Heavy Duty Ditch Bank Flail Mower with open rear deck Cat-I or Cat-II W/pto Driveline


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Ditch bank flail mowers are Super Heavy Duty Mowers designed with heavy cutting blades that can chop heavy brush including grasses, debris, sticks, vines, branches, and other wooded materials up to 3” in diameter. The mower head is attached to a hydraulic arm allowing you to swing the mulcher beyond your tractors wheels. The head may be pivoted hydraulically up to 90 degrees for hedge or hillside work or down 60 degrees for the ditch or bank work. Connect it to our optional 4-way hydraulic control valve with a hydraulic float and the mulcher will follow the contours of the terrain. A flail mower doesn’t throw grass, instead, it cuts finely and leaves the cuttings on the ground where it was cut making it an excellent choice for those places where you could cause damage by throwing debris. Highway mowing and park maintenance often use flail mowers because they are less likely to throw objects during cutting.


Key Features:


  • Multiple Drive Belts Assure Power to the Blades
  • Under Deck Clump Busters
  • Standard 3-Pt Category I Hitch Mount
  • Shear Bolt PTO Shaft for Standard 1-3/8” 6-Spline PTO
  • PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
  • Balanced Rotor and Shaft to Reduce Vibration & Reduce Bearing Wear
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish
  • Gate on housing for easy blade maintenance


Specs for all BCR’s

Bcr 140: pivot offset 53 in

Housing thickness 4mm

Side plate thickness: 6mm

Rotor diameter: 4”

Rotor shaft diameter: 4.5”

Blade swing: 14.5

number of belts: 4


specs for specific units

Bcr140: Distance from PTO to outside of machine at full offset, flat: 98”


Bcr160: Distance from PTO to outside of machine at full offset, flat: 107”


Bcr180: Distance from PTO to outside of machine at full offset, flat: 114”