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Farmer-Helper FH-BH5, 6 & 7 Self Contained Standard Backhoe


powered by pto power

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Tractor PTO
25- 30+ HP


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  • 5′ Dig Self Contained Backhoe, FH-BH5


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  • 6′ Dig Self Contained Backhoe, FH-BH6


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  • 7′ Dig Self Contained Backhoe, FH-BH7


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Who is Farmer-Helper?

Farmer Helper Machinery Co., Ltd (FHM) was established in 2009. The factory area is more than 20,000 square meters and houses 4 Metal laser cutting machines and more than 80 processing machines.

FHM manufactures a full range of high-quality implements for small to medium-sized tractor owners across the world. Farmer’s Helper has become an integral manufacturing premise for agricultural machines. Our team’s priority is customer success and satisfaction. We constantly improve our machines to meet customer demands and expectations.

The Farmer-Helper (FH) backhoes are designed for versatility and efficiency, making them a top choice for various digging tasks. Constructed using Q-235 structural steel plate and high-quality components, these backhoes are built to withstand the rigors of heavy use while providing reliable performance.

The self-contained hydraulic system, featuring a dual filter setup, ensures smooth operation and minimizes maintenance needs. Powered by the tractor’s PTO, these backhoes offer seamless integration with your existing equipment.

A key aspect of the Farmer-Helper backhoes is the 4th point top link stabilizing system, which enhances stability during digging tasks. This, combined with the responsive 4-way controls, ensures precise and efficient operation.

The hydraulic stabilizer further contributes to the safety and stability of the backhoe, while the transport lock provides a secure method for moving the attachment when not in use.

With a range of heavy-duty bucket sizes available, up to 36 inches wide, the Farmer-Helper backhoes are well-suited for a variety of jobs, making them a valuable addition to your equipment lineup.

Key Features for the backhoe:

  • 4-Way ISO Joy Stick Control
  • Multiple Bucket Sizes from 7 to 36 inches
  • Thumb and Ripper Available
  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System
  • Easy Clean Stainless Steel Hydraulic Filter
  • Total System Design for Maximum Efficiency
  • Backhoe Will Operate with Tractor at an Idle
  • PTO Driveline Included Free of Charge
  • Hydraulic Tank with Sight Glass
  • Oversized Stabilizer Pads
  • Foldup Seat
  • 3-Point with 4th Point Stabilizer
  • Will connect to 3-Point Cat-I or Cat-II
  • 16” Bucket Included for BH7, 12″ Bucket Included for BH6, Exchange available (subject to availability)

Specifications for the BACKHOE:

Compact tractor horsepower18-24 HP25 HP+30 HP+
3-Point LinkageCat-ICat-ICat-I
Structure Weight550 lbs / 250 kg1060 lbs / 480 kg1190 lbs / 500 kg
Digging Depth (2 foot flat bottom)5’ / 153 cm6’ / 183 cm7’ 6” / 201 cm
Reach from center line of swing pivot219 cm8’ 6” / 260 cm10’ 6” / 279 cm
Loading Height (bucket at 60°)5’  / 153 cm5’ 8” / 172 cm6’ 6” / 184 cm
Transport Height (Maximum)5’ / 153 cm6’ / 184 cm6’ 9” / 206 cm
Extended Height7’ / 215 cm9’ 5” / 287 cm10’ 2” / 311 cm
Loading Reach (Bucket at 60°)90 cm3’ 1” / 95 cm4’ 6” / 118 cm
Transport Overhang78 cm3’ 6” / 108 cm3’ 8” / 111 cm
Undercut28 cm2’ 5” / 73 cm2’ 9” / 83 cm
Bucket Rotation150 Degrees180 degrees180 degrees
Stabilizer Spread (Up – Transport)3’ 8” / 115 cm4’ 4” / 131 cm4’ 9” / 131 cm
Stabilizer Spread (Down Position)5’ 1” / 156 cm7’ 2” / 210 cm7’ 4” / 210 cm
Arm Swing Arc180 degrees180 degrees180 degrees

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FH-BH6 & 7 Self Contained Backhoe
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Frank and Tracy Cunningham
Sku: FH-BH6

I received the backhoe about 8 days after I ordered it and spent a few hours setting it up for my tractor and just checking things over, I am impressed with how well it is made, I dug a few holes and it is very powerful, Very happy with the purchase, Also contacted customer service about the delivery thru email they were quick to respond

 by Samuel
Sku: FH-Bh6

After Betstco sent another pump & Pressure relief valve, I can say his thing will dig! Very please after repair completed!

 by Walter
Sku: FH-BH6

The backhoe had a little damage to the seat but i was able to fix to my satisfaction, the instructions book that comes with the BH6 is not much help but i looked at the pictures and it was not a bad job getting it hooked to my LS XG 3135 i did have to shorten the drive shaft about 1 inch on both shafts.
This little backhoe does a suprising good job, i had to run the engine between 1700 and 2000 RPM to get the speed i wanted. I am a satisfied BETSTCO customer!

 by Gary Blankenship
Sku: FH-BH6

It was very easy installation the only thing i had to do was shorten drive shaft 1 inch It worked great right out of box digs really well i will need more weight to rear of tractor when soil is hard as i have moist soil now i dug a trench 2 feet deep for electrical easily My tractor is a 841 ford with loader and i set mine just above idle to run backhoe off pto 

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